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Christo, I've turned the ability to create Spaces on for you. You should now see a “Create Space” button. A few things to know: - When you pick your space name, we’d like you to pick a space name that’s unique, that couldn’t be confused with a topic name - Be sure to pick three topics and write an about section in settings - For the initial round of invited space hosts, we're asking that you not create meta-Quora spaces, or spaces about Quora itself. Eventually, this will be OK, but for now, we'd like to promote Spaces that are interesting to people on and off Quora - A day or so after you get your first posts up, we’ll start showing this to A LOT of people - You can only invite people who follow you or are following the space. We’re going to show your space to a lot of people every time there’s something added to it. - If you’d like to join the Quora Spaces feedback group, click here Have fun! Jonathan Brill, Head of Global Writer Relations at Quora Feb 13

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